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Our solutions leverage off-the-shelf, secure BLE mesh nodal network wireless solutions. We are ubiquitous to anyone’s hardware. GSM codes are built into each chip which is uniquely trackable throughout the entire product cycle. A universal solution for grocery, retail, and pharmaceutical industries.

The Tag-It Tag patent establishes the position of each item (or node) in the network be it on a shelf or in a customer’s cart. Tag-It Tag can immediately identify a cart/basket/box with sufficient accuracy to define the “virtual” box or volume. Then we can know if an
item is inside or outside the “virtual” box or volume. This type of accuracy and our ability to define the “virtual” box and whether we can say with certainty that the item to be purchased is inside or outside the cart/basket/box is what our demonstration proves.

The secure data collected on purchaser, products, and how they are bought will be collected.

In addition, it will tell us how often we need to poll each node to determine its position to within the required accuracy. That will give us how much energy is consumed by the nodes per unit time, so we can gauge how much energy we must harvest and store on a second by second basis.

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