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The market is ready for an alternative checkout process. A simple, smart solution with extended value throughout the supply chain is now possible. Tag-It-Tag has IP to uniquely enable a streamlined checkout process without the complexity of a camera-based solution and/ or a teller. Our POS system is further differentiated with additional value for the consumers, retailers, logistics companies, manufacturers, and suppliers where ever the ownership transfer occurs.

Use Cases

  • Retail Supply Chain:

The ownership changes happen multiple times throughout the supply process, from originator (farmer / mfg) through distributor to the ultimate end-user customer. This now offers all types of data throughout the life cycle process allows a great of data to be collected in many ways.

  • Automated Check Out:

Allows automation to become completely simplified. We can offer retailers and their customers the ultimate shopping experience by allowing the shopper to just put the product into their shopping cart. This immediately charges the customer and reduces the distributors’ inventory.


  • Pharmaceutical:

Tracking prescription drugs in real time is critical for this industry. This now can be done 100% with ownership change through the distribution process.


  •     Item Tag – OTSVM*

  •     Locator beacons – OTSMV*

  •     Location coordinate software – OTSMV*

  •     Shopping cart – OTSMV*

  •     POS application for in-cart checkout - NEW

  •     Smartphone – OTSMV*

Application Definition


  •     Maintains the customer credit card information securely.

  •     Connects a customer with a cart.

  •     The system knows the location of the cart and the location of each item in the store. Optimized shopping

           maps are possible. Help finding items is possible.

  •     Items placed in the cart are charged to the customer. (replaced items are credited)

  •     The store is notified that the item has been successfully checked out.

  •     Stores have complete flexibility as customers not wishing or enabled to use in-cart checkout may proceed                             to the traditional checkout teller.

  •     Customer location information inside the store, their buying patterns, purchase information, and item information

           is available for data mining for further value extract.

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