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Our Vision – Just Became True

TAG-It TAG   Inc.’s global point of sale (POS) system creates an ownership box inside the cart. A shopper takes an item off the shelf, places it in their cart, and proceeds directly to their car, obviating the traditional checkout process. A significantly streamlined shopping experience 



Our solutions leverage off-the-shelf, secure BLE mesh nodal network wireless solutions. We are ubiquitous to anyone’s hardware.


This team brings decades of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas such as finance, technology, manufacturing, and retail distribution.  

About TAG-it TAG

Tag-it Tag, Inc. was founded in 2018 by a Silicon Valley power team with backgrounds in engineering, software development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution, and risk management. Tag-it Tag is gaining momentum with technology, which will change tracking a product's life cycle in all industries.

Tag-it Tag has a patented solution to utilize RF technology and Bluetooth mesh system to define a box or virtual space into which trackable items can be placed. We capture ownership change.

An initial application would be to have this box consist of the space within a shopping cart or storage space. The system will detect a trackable item being placed inside this box.  From there it is just a matter of transmitting that storage information to the cloud for inventory purposes or billing purposes for cashier-less shopping. It also allows for data collection about the product and the consumer’s buying habits.


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